Custom NPCs Mod for Minecraft [1.6.2/1.5.2/1.4.7]

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Custom NPCs Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2/1.4.7

The Costum NPCs mod adds many new items and features. While it works primarily for singleplayer, it is multiplayer enabled. The tools are used to create new NPCs, mob spawners, and even copy them. The rest of the items are mostly used for aesthetic purposes while the weapons deal similar damage to the vanilla weapons. This mod includes extra features such as factions, roles, and jobs, dialogues, and a quest system.



Npc Wand

  • Right click the ground, with the npc wand, to spawn an npc
  • Right click an npc, with the npc wand, to edit it
  • Right click into the air to get nearby npcs and to freeze all npcs
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Npc Cloner

  • Right click an npc while holding the Npc Cloner to bring up the Cloning Save Menu
  • Click a slot to store the npc
  • Right click the ground to bring up the Cloning Load Menu
  • Click on the slot, in which you stored your npc, to spawn a copy of it.
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Mob Spawner

  • Makes it easier to spawn all the mobs (Even modded ones)
  • Can also make mobspawners of the mobs
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Redstone Block

  • It will turn on when you get into the on range
  • It will turn off if you go out of the off range
  • To edit the settings you rightclick it with the npc wand
  • Can be setup to only turn on if you havent done a certain quest or read a certain dialog. (basically the same as unlocking/locking dialogs)

Extra Items

The other items are mostly just for dressing up your npc or for quests. Some of them actually work for players, but I didnt want to put too much time in them so most of them are pretty simple. Watch the video for most of the items.

Dagger, Spear, BattleAxe, Mace, Glaive, Scythe and Trident

For the most part are exactly like swords. They are enchantable. The bronze variant does the same amount of damage as the iron one, but is less durable. The emerald does a half heart more damage than the diamond one, but is less durable.

Guns and bullets

You hold the right mouse button to pull the trigger, when you hear click you can release it to shoot. Your gun type depends how far you can shoot. Guns can shoot their ammo and all the ammo of lesser quality wood and black bullets are the same. So an wooden gun can shoot black and wood bullits, a stone gun can shoot stone,wood and black etc.

The base damage for guns are 2,5 hearts. The damage added to that is (gun material + bullet material) / 2. So a wood gun with wood bullets does 2,5 damage, a stone gun with wood bullits does 2,5 damage an stone gun with stone bullets does 3 damage. Wood = 0, Stone = 0.5, Gold = 0.5, Bronze&Iron = 1, Diamond = 1.5, Emerald = 2

Machine Gun

Holding right click will shoot 8 black bullets in rapid succesion. After shooting 8 bullits you need to hold right click again to reload, before you can shoot again. Every bullit hit does 2 hearts of damage.

(Elemental) Staffs and mana

The different types of staffs have different ‘casting’ time the elemental and iron staffs are basically the same. Holding the right mouse button will start charging. If you have mana in your inventory it will create a ‘magical’ projectile. The moment you release the right mouse button it will launch it.

The base damage for the projectiles is 3 + random 0-2 + Material type damage.


Normal shields and round shields are the same. Heater, Tower, Cryscent and Scutum are the same as iron. Holding right mouse button while holding a shield will make the shield absorb all the damage.


Client Installation:

  • Locate your .minecraft folder
    • Run minecraft (don’t login)
    • Press options
    • Click the link to Game location on disk
  • Download Minecraft Forge – Universal
  • Open .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar with winrar(or something similar)
  • Extract all files from into the minecraft.jar
  • Delete the META-INF in the minecraft.jar
  • Run minecraft and login to test if it is working so far
  • A folder .minecraft/mods should have been create when you ran it
  • Download Custom NPCs and place the zip in the .minecraft/mods folder (Don’t unzip it)
  • You now have installed the Custom Npcs Mod

Server Installation

  • Download the minecraft_server.jar from
  • Download Forge-Universal
  • Place the minecraft_server.jar in a folder and open it with winrar(or something similar)
  • Extract all files from into the minecraft_server.jar
  • Do NOT delete the META-INF in the minecraft_server.jar NOT
  • Run the minecraft_server.jar to check if you installed it correctly
  • A folder named mods should now have been created in your server folder
  • Download Custom NPCs and place the zip in the mods folder (Don’t unzip it)
  • You now have installed the Custom Npcs Mod for your server
  • Remember people joining need to have customnpcs installed.



  • Rewrote texture loading
  • Rewrote sound/music loading
  • Added sounds to npcs
  • Added sounds to lines
  • Added music to dialogs
  • Combined npc cloner and mobspawner(can now clone normal mobs and create spawners from npcs)
  • Quests can now be automatically started after finishing another quest
  • Added option to disable auto health regen
  • Added resistances (knockback, melee, arrow)
  • Added tactical attack variations(Rush, Dodge, Surround, Ambush, Stalk)
  • Npc can now sprint
  • Getting indoors fixed
  • Added Enderman model
  • Added Golem model
  • Boss role start(not finished)
  • Lots of 1.6.2 bug fixes
  • Lots of general bug fixes
  • Lots of ai fixes

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For 1.5.2


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