Download Minecraft 1.4.1 Pre-release


Download Minecraft 1.4.1 Pre-release

3535784955a99e0aa2e01e1af79c2637 Download Minecraft 1.4.1 Pre release

Hi everybody play game Minecraft. This version really needed to fix .Download Minecraft 1.4.1 Pre-release . there was a big distribute causing mobs to asphyxiate and change through wooden floors that we real necessary to fix. The orotund identify of fixes are…

  • Fixed mobs glitching through wooden floors
  • Fixed players glitching through Beacons
  • Fixed Redstone Repeaters getting stuck in ‘on’ state
  • Bats spawn less frequently
  • A number of minor font fixes
  • Activated the Wither painting
  • Fixed wet wolves looking way too scary
  • Tweaked naming costs in the Anvil
  • Tweaked enchantment points reward for smelting
  • Fixed bug that allowed any item to be placed in the armor slots
  • Fixed mob spawners spawning too quickly

Since we do these pre-releases mainly to prepare modders and server admins (and not to find and fix bugs), we’ve decided to push the release of 1.4(.1) one day to Thursday, October 25. Again, since I know this is a lot of text to read:

  • Release date: Thursday October 25


  1. Close Minecraft.
  2. Go to Minecraft.jar. You can find this in Windows at %appdata%/.minecraft/bin.
  3. Copy your Minecraft.jar file and back it up somewhere else.
  4. Move the newly downloaded Minecraft.jar into the /.minecraft/bin folder, replacing the old version.
  5. Open up Minecraft and have fun!

I would recommend backing up your old Minecraft.jar somewhere so that you can keep all of your current mods. You can do this by just copying Minecraft.jar and pasting it into another folder.

* The client now comes with both the client-side and the server-side JAR files. The file called “minecraft.jar” should be in your “.minecraft/bin” folder as usual, and the “minecraft_server.jar” file should be in a folder called “.minecraft/server”.

dd2496660bcb2cdcbe7d3a6eb4438958 Download Minecraft 1.4.1 Pre release





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