Glacier Biomes Mod 1.6.2


Glacier Biomes Mod 1.6.2

Glacier Biomes Mod doesn’t add too much in aside a new biome, some items, and some mobs (then again, what else is there to add?)  The new biome is Glacier, and it replaces grass with snow, and the first few layers of stone (or maybe just dirt up until caves start) are replaced with ice.  Just the vanilla stuff.

Glacier Biomes Mod Screenshots:

2dd0da37be3893be644b4f7cf25704c9 Glacier Biomes Mod 1.6.2

The new monsters he adds in are the Eskimo, Evil Eskimo, Wild Boar, Yeti, and Deadly Yeti.  The Eskimos are like villagers, but they only spawn here.  There’s also a structure called an Igloo which they live in.

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The Wild Boars drop items called Tusks, which are used to craft Spears.    The crafting recipe for spears is the same as the one for shovels, with a tusk on top.

6b24b5e4011cb6fab96a4090d0c52973 Glacier Biomes Mod 1.6.2

The Yetti is kind of a boss monster.  He’s really tough, and rewards really well.

bdf06b94802b12241c05f56d7eb4985e Glacier Biomes Mod 1.6.2

The deadly yeti is the same as the normal one, but tougher and has a different skin.

8f0d646831d172254b3b313420991fda Glacier Biomes Mod 1.6.2

He looks really evil, come to think of it.  I’d suggest you stay away.  Very far away.  Nice background on the picture, though.

Glacier Biomes Mod Video:

Glacier Biomes Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 Main Features

  • New Biome
  • New weapon
  • New monsters
  • New worldgen structures

How to use the Glacier Biomes Mod:

  1. After installing, walk around your normal world (you might have to do a lot of walking)
  2. You may find a biome, if not then make a new world or re-create your last one.

Glacier Biomes Mod Main Features:

  1. New Biome
  2. New weapon
  3. New monsters
  4. New worldgen structures

Glacier Biomes Mod Changelog:

  1. Re-textured Wild Boar
  2. Added Deadly Yeti
  3. Added Frost Skeleton
  4. Added structures
  5. Re-textured Spear
  6. Added Wandering Remant
  7. Added Heart of Darkness
  8. Moved to Forge

How to Install the Glacier Biomes Mod:

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the mod below
  3. Drag and drop the files from the downloaded archive into your minecraft.jar
  4. Run Minecraft and look for your new biome

Download Glacier Biomes Mod:

Glacier Biomes Mod

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