Medieval Fantasy Map for Minecraft


Medieval Fantasy Map

Medieval Fantasy Map bring you to the world including unique building in huge map with 800×800 blocks size and all the building are in unique styles and shapes.

Medieval Fantasy Map Screenshots:

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These buildings are included in this map:

  1. Medium house
  2. Museum
  3. Small house 2
  4. Coal mine
  5. Mage Tower
  6. Big house 2
  7. Town hall
  8. Fort
  9. Red corporation factory
  10. Jail
  11. Carpenter house
  12. Lumber mill
  13. Storehouse
  14. Windmill 1
  15. Forge
  16. Bounty hunter house
  17. Library
  18. Big house 1
  19. Gold mine
  20. Mansion
  21. Church
  22. Siege camp
  23. Guildhall
  24. Small house 1
  25. Iron mine
  26. Windmill 2

Medieval Fantasy Map Video:

How to install map for Minecraft:

  • Download this map.
  • Extract it.
  • Paste the folder into your .minecraft/saves folder.
  • Enjoy!

Download Medieval Fantasy Map for Minecraft:!PIdWhDyK!bZaBiUxHPjDNwZ7YS9g4vQh5K2YLcr0FrJsjr2wwL_U

Author: InMineCreations


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