Minecraft Snapshot 13w17a


9831946abfd098937f64c88cf2f1780a Minecraft Snapshot 13w17a

Minecraft Snapshot 13w17a 

Next up, Mojang have the snapshot! Not too much has changed on the surface since 13w17a as most of our efforts are focused on the launcher currently, but there’s a few cool things you’ll want to check out:

  • Added a new “Hardened Clay” block
  • Added extra tooltip info in the search tab for the creative inventory
  • Made deserts more deserty
  • Zombies made slightly more sociable
  • Bug fixes!

You’ll need to (re-)download the new launcher to grab the snapshot.

Minecraft Snapshot 13w17a Video:

New Minecraft Launcher:

Windows: Server 1 Download – Server 2 Download

MAC/OSX: Server 1 Download – Server 2 Download

Linux: Server 1 Download – Server 2 Download

Server files:



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