Parverhill Castle Map for Minecraft


Parverhill Castle Map is an ancient that was build on a rocky mountainside. The Parvelhill Castle overlooks the lake which is the main source of food for people. The castles prosperity is low and when the castle lacks in money it boasts in simpleness of living and architecture.

This wonderful castle was constructed by XEARGASM of Valaco, and the surrounding terrain was terraformed by LogicalLlama.

Parverhill Castle Map Screenshots

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Video Parverhill Castle Map – Dracula’s Castle:

Parverhill Castle Map installation guides

  • Download the map.
  • Open .minecraft folder (%appdata%/.minecraft/saves).
  • Place downloaded folder into your minecraft “saves” folder.
  • Done!


8a11b952d940784601804be114b7a0e77 Parverhill Castle Map for Minecraft

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