SDK’s ModLoaderMP


SDK’s ModLoaderMP

SDK ModLoaderMP is the mod that allows the players to install mods to Minecraft withe a single click. This mod that greatly simplifies the process of adding mods to the game works as a tool for Players. Your Minecraft world will be better with SDK ModLoaderMP because players can easily add crazy mods to there gameplay.

The possibilities are absolutely limitless. I am talking parachutes, grenades, machine guns, sniper rifles, etc. Did I mention the fact that mods allow players to transform their already awesome world into a virtual paradise? Mods allow players to create tropical islands, swamps, nuclear bomb ridden arenas, and more.

With SDK ModLoaderMP players will be able to adventure into world’s themed by hit movies, holidays, and even Minecraft versions of other video games. There is even an x-ray vision mod out there in the gaming world. This allows players to see through certain blocks and get to the important and rare resources faster.

SDK ModLoaderMP allows the player to even run multiple mods at one time without the confusion brought about in the past world of mod loading. Players use to have to individually modify .class files, but now that is just an unremembered memory of the past. In the world we gamers live in today we do not want to wait on boring loading bars if we don’t have to.

SDK ModLoader speeds up the process so we can spend less time installing mods and more time crafting with the assistance of installed mods. SDK ModLoaderMP is a great tool to have and only a short download away!

General Information:

Single Player

  • Check the mod_*.properties files, they have lots of configurable options. .properties files are text files.
  • The jet pack is worn as a chest piece. Hold down jump while in midair to use it. It requires buckets of oil for fuel.
  • Laser wolves look like normal wolves but their eyes are teal. Right click them with a laser (carefully) and/or diamond breastplate to give it to them (after they’ve been tamed).
  • Don’t right click a normal wolf with a laser, you’ll shoot it in the face.
  • The ATV wheel recipe does not conflict with the planes wheel recipe. If you have planes installed, the ATV uses the plane wheels.
  • Press I on the ATV to access the guns menu.
  • Press space on the ATV to fire the guns.
  • The ATV can be repaired by right clicking it with a wrench.
  • The laser uses redstone dust for ammo.
  • The grappling hook activates when it lands on top of a block that is accessible from the direction you threw it.
  • Default key to reload is ‘R’, zoom is ‘Z’, use parachute is ‘P’, enable nightvision is ‘N’.
  • Nightvision goggles are worn on the head, scuba tanks and parachutes are worn on the chest.
  • The lighter block lights on fire when power is applied to it.
  • Right click the cannon block with TNT to fill it up, max 15. Power it with redstone to fire.
  • The grinder block is fueled by diamonds for 64 uses each or iron for 8 uses each. It grinds flint (100% chance) and gravel (25% chance) into gunpowder.
  • Hardcore mode increases the maximum number of mobs.
  • The lightometer turns red when it’s dark enough for monsters to spawn.


  • The server and all the clients need the mods for it to work.
  • Doesn’t work with any custom server software.
  • Creates a banned-mods.txt file in the server directory. If the client has any mods in the list, they will be booted from the server and told why. It matches the starts of the strings (e.g. putting “mod_” in the list will ban all mods).
  • Player and weapon spawners are the only things that can destroy player and weapon spawners. If blocksMineable is set to false, they’re the only things that can destroy blocks.
  • Right clicking a weapon spawner with a spawner in your hand changes the item that’s spawned.

SDK’s ModLoaderMP Screenshots:

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SDK’s ModLoaderMP Videos:


v1 Client

  • Fat barrel recipe changed again, now 3 on top, 3 on the bottom
  • Headshots!!!
  • Item rendering on ATV fixed
  • Fixed spawning near mooshroom island
  • Fixed plaque/grappling hook rope lighting
  • Guns now affect thin glass correctly
  • Oil bucket removed unnecessary sounds

v1 Server

  • Server now uses block ID properties
  • Parachute fixed

Mod Contents:


  • Guns and ammo: AK47, MP5, sniper rifle, new gun, shotgun, flamethrower, desert eagle, rocket launcher, laser-guided rocket launcher, SG552, Gatling gun
  • Grenades: explosive, stun, smoke, sticky (explosive)
  • The ATV
  • Flammable oil
  • Jet pack
  • Lighter block (Lights on fire when powered)
  • Nuke (5x the power of TNT)
  • Automated sentries
  • Cannon block (Right click with TNT to fill, power to fire)

Grappling Hook

  • Grappling hook


  • Nightvision goggles
  • Scuba tank
  • Parachute
  • Lightometer
  • Grinder block (grind gunpowder from flint and gravel)
  • Plaques for displaying your items
  • Grinder block (Grinds flint and gravel into gunpowder)
  • Gold coins (possible server currency)

FPS – included in ‘All’ download

  • Player spawners
  • Weapon spawners
  • Can set world indestructible
  • Respawn with desert eagle and some ammo

Known Bugs:

Single Player- These obviously affect multiplayer as well.

  • Grinder and lighter block textures are messed up.
  • Ghillie suit is not in the game yet, I can’t get it working the way I want.
  • Telescope texture is missing.
  • Firing speed is a little off but seems to mostly work, still working on it.
  • No more advanced nightvision till I learn how to light things up, which is why the flamethrower and laser projectiles aren’t bright.
  • Problem with plaque lighting.
  • Apparently there’s a problem where it lags horribly if you’re using a 256x texture pack. Don’t know what causes this so it’ll be hard to fix if I even can.
  • Lightometer won’t look right with texture packs over 16×16.
  • Player spawners in chunks that are not loaded will not work.
  • Nuke will only be set off by fire if it was placed since the last load.
  • Oil lights instantly, trying to work out a bug so I can make it light just very quickly.
  • HD textures won’t show ammo bar or lightometer correctly.
  • The cannon likes firing in some directions better than others, dunno if that’s natural or a bug. Seems more pronounced than the normal firing-west bonus.


  • Headshots won’t work with other mods’ creatures.
  • ATV not in multiplayer yet.
  • Spawners seem to keep spawning items.
  • Plaques won’t be able to hold blocks that render 2D (like ladders).
  • Server doesn’t add inaccuracy for recoil yet.

Server List:

World War Craft

  • Mods: SDK’s Mods 1.1v2, Flan’s Vehicles 1.1v4
  • IP:


  • Mods: SDK’s Mods 1.1v1
  • IP:


  • Mods: SDK’s Mods 1.1v1
  • IP:
  • Network ID: MistaEpicServer


  • Mods: SDK’s Mods 1.1v4
  • IP:
  • Info: May need to connect twice.


  • Mods: SDK’s Mods 1.1v2
  • IP:


  • Mods: SDK’s Mods 1.1v2
  • IP:
  • Hamachi ID: ap-minecraft server
  • Hamachi Pass: 123


  • Mods: SDK’s Mods 1.1v2
  • IP:
  • Hamachi ID: ethanwdp`s server
  • Hamachi Pass: 123


  • Mods: SDK’s Mods 1.1v2
  • IP:

SDK’s ModLoaderMP Installation:


  • Back up your saves and bin folders.
  • Windows: delete the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar (in %appdata%.minecraftbin)
  • Mac: delete the files inside the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar (in %appdata%.minecraftbin)
  • Install ModLoader
  • Install ModLoaderMP
  • Install Minecraft Forge if installing 1.1v4 or later
  • Copy everything inside the minecraft folder (in the zip file) into minecraft.jar (in %appdata%.minecraftbin)
  • Copy everything inside the resources folder (in the zip file) into the resources folder (in %appdata%.minecraft)
  • Ignore, it’s just for TFC’s Mod Manager
  • Windows: Copy the mod_*.properties files (in the zip file) into the .minecraft folder (%appdata%.minecraft)
  • Mac: Copy the mod_*.properties files (in the zip file) into the bin folder (%appdata%.minecraftbin)


  • Back up your world and jar.
  • Download a fresh minecraft_server.jar
  • Install ModLoaderMP Server
  • Copy everything inside the minecraft_server folder (in the zip file) into minecraft_server.jar
  • Copy the mod_*.properties files (in the zip file) into the same directory as your minecraft_server.jar
  • The jar and exe are both standalone servers. Don’t mod the jar and then run the exe!

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1.3.2 ModLoaderMP Client

1.3.2 ModLoaderMP Server

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