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Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack For Minecraft 1.7.5

Misa’s Realistic 1.7.5 misa

Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack For Minecraft 1.7.5  What is Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack?  Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack was done by “Misa” and is further developed by him and because it is a resource pack HD,IT’s is made on one resolution 64×64 HD, and this resource pack is updated for Minecraft 1.7.5! Misa’s Realistic Resource Pack Screenshot:  Misa’s Realistic Video review: [Tutorial Minecraft Install Resource Packs Minecraft 1.7.5 ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePIGmvOo9nI   Changelog 6.0.0: Added texture for coal blocks and hay bales Added icons for all the new items in Minecraft 1.7. Added all 13 textures forRead More