Takarajima Map: The Forgotten Island


Takarajima Map: The Forgotten Island

A huge forgotten island in pacific, has a big dense tropical forest and full of ww2 Japanese fortifications with ghost town and shipwrecks, explore all yourself and enjoy this amazing adventure map!

This is the fourth map of my “realistic landscapes” series. Well to be correct it is the first big landscape map I did but I never came across to release it yet. The map has more to offer than my other landscape maps, which are just landscape with no other structures. This island has a lot more to explore than my other maps.

Checklist of stuff to find:

  • Japanese Worldwar 2 fortifications. Several bunkers and airraid shelters
  • Japanese barracks with a huge radiotower, anti air guns and other stuff
  • A big airraid shelter beneath the mountain
  • A ghosttown
  • 3 shipwrecks
  • Some caves

Beside all that, theres a 100% custom forest on the map. There are tons of different plants and trees used to gain a more realistic feeling of the environment.

Takarajima Map for Minecraft Screenshots:

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How to install map for Minecraft:

  • Download this map.
  • Extract it.
  • Paste the folder into your .minecraft/saves folder.
  • Enjoy!

Download Takarajima Map:


Author: Murokmakto

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