The Simple Xray Mod 1.8/1.7.10 and 1.7.9

XRay MOD [1.7.4] | Descargar e Instalar

Download The Simple Xray Mod 1.8/1.7.10 and 1.7.9

Regarding The Straightforward Xray Mod:

X-ray mod instructs you until diamond furthermore helps you to soar and never have to maintain 1 gamemode, where you should find minecraft’s minerals from coal.
This mod adds X-Ray perspective to minecraft, uncover ores with basic today.
Just how to use:

Join machine or some sort of, press ‘X’ to toggle style that is x-ray on or off. Please observe the movie for more information.
Activation Keys: X:
To view the vitamins
M: in the event you infiltrate considerably the fps to determine only the grass
N: only once some minerals. (Essential)

The Simple Xray Mod The Simple Xray Mod 1.8/1.7.10 and 1.7.9

XRay MOD [1.7.4] | Descargar e Instalar

The Simple Xray Mod Video :

Install XRay Mod Minecraft 1.8

How to install The Simple Xray Mod for Minecraft:

  • Use the official launcher to download and start once Minecraft 1.7.9.
  • Go to the minecraft base folder (the official launchers shows it when you click “Edit Profile” as “Game Directory”)
  • Go in subfolder “Versions”
  • Rename the folder “1.7.9″ to “1.7.9_extra”
  • Go in the subfolder “1.7.9_extra”
  • Rename “1.7.9.jar” to “1.7.9_extra.jar”
  • Rename “1.7.9.json” to “1.7.9_extra.json”
  • Open the file “1.7.9_extra.json” with a text editor and replace “id”:”1.7.9″ with”id”:”1.7.9_extra” and save the file
  • Copy the files from the Xray Mod zip file in “1.7.9_extra.jar” as usual and remove the META-INF folder from “1.7.9_extra”.
  • Start the official launcher
  • Click “Edit Profile”
  • Select “Use version:” -> “release 1.7.9_extra”
  • Click “Save Profile”
  • Click “Play” or “Login” to start the game. If only “Play Offline” is available, then log out and log in again to fix it.

The Simple Xray Mod Download Links:

For 1.7.8

For 1.7.9

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

Author: thehen101