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Unmined builds and maintains a cache database and renders a scrollable map quickly for any world size. Building the cache database for large worlds first takes some time, but already processed areas shown on the map immediately and the build process can be aborted and resumed at any time.


  • Fast multithreaded live 2D mapper with caching
  • Single image PNG and BMP export up to 360000 x 360000 blocks at 1:16 zoom (20000 x 20000 at 1:1 tested)
  • Zoom
  • Minecraft 1.2+ (Anvil)
  • Nether and End dimensions
  • Underground view, can slice the world at any elevation (ctrl + [shift] + mouse wheel)
  • Google Maps generator
  • Can read block IDs from mod configuration files

Unmined Tool Screenshots:

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28199cdfe3a808508752df9ad0a8acbb Unmined Tool987118a29fcb45f929974d653104cabb Unmined Toole4ed0b6d2f26ce085b238f27bbc30276 Unmined Tool

What’s new in 0.4.250dev:

  • Added transparent background option to Google Maps generator
  • Added Open folder context menu item to folder tree
  • Added Copy location and Go to context menu items to map
  • Added ID set manager
  • Added mod configuration file support
  • Removed LCTrees ID set (I cannot maintanin it, sorry)
  • Updated ExtraBiomesXL ID set to 3.1.0
  • Updated Vanilla ID set to Minecraft 1.4.0 1.4.2

dd2496660bcb2cdcbe7d3a6eb4438958 Unmined Tool



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